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History Boxes Artefacts in UseHistory Boxes Artefacts in UseHistory Boxes Artefacts in UseHistory Boxes Artefacts in UseHistory Boxes Artefacts in Use

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History Boxes

History Boxes is a Leeds based company that provides resources for teachers and schools working on the History Curriculum in the Yorkshire area. We supply handling collections of historical reproductions for use in the school and classroom.

The topic boxes include Greek, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Norman, Medieval, Tudor, Civil War, Egyptians, Aztecs, Victorians, World War One and World War Two. Famous people and significant events are also covered.  for example Florence Nightingale, The Great Fire of London and The Great Plague.

My husband, Dave Thirlwall, created and managed the living history programme at Murton Park in York for nearly 30 years. He decided to leave in May 2020 in order to help me further develop history Boxes due to the increase in demand.

Artefact Boxes

Each box contains at least 25 items covering different aspects of life from a chosen period or a specific theme and come complete with teaching notes.

These objects can be used by teachers and pupils in a variety of ways…click for more

How to Hire

Hiring is a simple process, you can contact us via a number of methods including webmail and on the phone. It is far easier to organise over the phone.

The normal box hire is for 20 working days; this does not include weekends or holidays…click for more

Terms & Conditions

By making a booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1) Artefacts must only be handled with close adult supervision.

2) Unfortunately we will have to charge for all losses and breakages.

3) It is essential, therefore, that the artefacts are checked on delivery and signed for by a member of staff who will take responsibility for them.

4) You can cancel the order of the box without incurring a cost however failure to take delivery of the box on the day will incur the full charge.

5) You will be notified by phone or email 2 days before collection. Please ensure the box is prepared and ready to be picked up at reception. Any delay may incur a charge.


Picking up and weighing a mail shirt was far more educational than drawing a picture from a book and making up the weight with stones!

Angela Hardman - Teacher North Yorkshire

Living History Services

Dave and I have been involved with living history for over 30 years.

Running the hugely successful living history project at Murton Park near York has given Dave a wealth of knowledge and expertise in meeting teacher’s requirements and providing living history...click for more

Box Content Lists

We can supply with the contents of our boxes in PDF format, please click on any of the links below...

Aztecs, Egyptian, Greek, Medieval, Norman, Roman, Saxon, Toys, Tudor, Victorian, Viking, WWII , Iron Age , Stone/Bronze Age , Great Fire of London

New Curriculum

We now have boxes to fit in with the new curriculum. For example; Bronze Age, Iron Age, Mayan, Crime & Punishment…

We don’t see changes to the curriculum as an obstacle in being able to provide artefact boxes for most periods.

…click here for more