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For further information or to make a booking you can contact us by email at or preferably by phone on 0113 2622258.

The hire of a box, which includes delivery and collection fee, costs:

£50 within a 30 mile radius
£55 within a 40 mile radius
£60 within a 50 mile radius
£65 within a 60 mile radius

When making a booking these are the things we need to know:

  • Name, Address and Telephone number the of School
  • Contact name
  • Which box you want
  • Preferred dates and time for delivery (the contents of the box need to be checked and signed for on the point of delivery)

*NB…It is far easier to organise this over the phone

The normal box hire is for 20 working days; this does not include weekends or holidays.  We will contact you before the collection date to remind you and arrange a time to collect the box.  Could you please have the box ready and be aware the contents will be once again be checked.
*NB…Unfortunately we will have to charge for all losses and breakages

As a small business we rely on prompt payment.  The invoice for the box will be handed over on delivery which allows 4 weeks to generate the payment.

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Picking up and weighing a mail shirt was far more educational than drawing a picture from a book and making up the weight with stones!

Angela Hardman - Teacher North Yorkshire

How To Hire

Hiring is a simple process, you can contact us via a number of methods including webmail and on the phone. It is far easier to organise over the phone.

The normal box hire is for 20 working days; this does not include weekends or holidays…click for more

Living History Events

Come and see us at Bolton Castle on 7th and 8th June for a 15th century living history event in conjunction with the Richard III Society.

We help launch North Yorkshire Moors Park summer season at Danby Visitor Centre on July 27th with a multi-period event.

Did You Know?

Tudor people thought that red coloured cloth and drapes, especially in domestic areas such as bedrooms, were thought to ward off the devil or evil spirits. Green coloured cloth signified family love and was therefore commonly used for children’s clothes