These objects can be used by teachers and pupils in a variety of ways, from a simple classroom display to a handling session onto sketching and describing the artefacts. This information can then be collated for further use, (almost like an historical catalogue).

The contents can be used to make interesting comparative studies between the way our ancestors lived and the way we live now. In each box there are a number of artefacts that can be specifically associated with that era, and some of these artefacts can even be used to provide a practical living history experiment within the classroom.

For example…

• Write a letter on a Roman wax tablet
• Play a Viking board game
• Smell the spices of Tudor England
• Sing along to wartime songs

Boxes can be hired for 20 working days, which does not include weekends,
school holidays and Bank holidays for a cost of £50 which includes delivery and collection within a 40 mile radius of Leeds.

List of boxes that are currently available…

• Archaeology
• Greek
• Egyptian
• Roman
• Roman Military
• Viking
• Saxon
• Norman
• Medieval
• Tudor
• Aztecs
• Civil War
• The Great Plague
• The Great Fire of London
• Guy Fawkes
• Pirates
• Victorian
• Florence Nightingale
• Homes from the Past
• Toys through the Ages
• Medicine through the Ages
• World War I
• World War II

Boxes being developed…
• Neolithic
• Bronze Age
• Iron Age

All boxes come complete with teaching notes.

Bespoke Boxes

We can tailor-make a box of artefacts to your specific needs.  Recent boxes we have done include Christopher Columbus, Pirates and a comparative box between Iron Age and Victorians.  An extra charge of £10 per box for this service reflects the research and extra time it takes to put one together.

If you require a collection which is not in this list please contact us as many of the boxes have been developed from teacher led inquiries.


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We have worked extensively with History Boxes for over 15 years and we are more than delighted with the with the service they provide for us

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How To Hire

Hiring is a simple process, you can contact us via a number of methods including webmail and on the phone. It is far easier to organise over the phone.

The normal box hire is for 20 working days; this does not include weekends or holidays…click for more

Living History Events

Come and see us at Bolton Castle on 7th and 8th June for a 15th century living history event in conjunction with the Richard III Society.

We help launch North Yorkshire Moors Park summer season at Danby Visitor Centre on July 27th with a multi-period event.

Did You Know?

A popular pastime of the Egyptians, especially for girls, was throwing and catching balls. This was not just done standing but also on piggy-back or leaping high into the air.